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The specialty "Tourism" is one of the most perspective , dynamic and competitive in modern labour market. It combines the love of travelling with the ability to organize such trips for others. Tourism is a rapidly developing industry, and work in the field of tourism is highly paid. In addition, tourism professionals have a unique opportunity to visit a significant number of countries. And the work itself is not monotonous and routine, but always brings new impressions and emotions. The verylearning process is not limited to classrooms, but there is an opportunity to travel during the study and practice in Ukraine and abroad.

Our main goal is to prepare a good specialist in the field of tourism and hospitality, who will be able to meet the needs and expectations of customers in the organization of recreation and leisure, travel planning, proper travel support, animatin, etc.

Educational program ?



Our main advantage is practice-oriented training in accordance with modern international standards, cooperation with leading companies to gain and implement practical experience, the possibility of professional practice in local and international tourism companies, which is the best way to promote professional development of a tourist specialist.

A special advantage is the educational program, which provides students with the opportunity to participate in international internship programs, in-depth study of foreign languages, preparation in organization of tours for foreigners on the territory of Ukraine, as well as outbound tourism tours for domestic tourists.

Studying in the specialty "Tourism" gives students the opportunity to acquire skills in the field of tourism, namely:

  • Formation, promotion and sale of a tourist product;
  • Organization of complex tourist support;
  • Provision of tourist information services;
  • Implementation of tour operator and travel agency activities;
  • Provision of excursion and animation services;
  • Knowledge of the tourist potential of the regions in order to form tourist routes;
  • Knowledge of foreign languages;
  • Booking and sale of tickets;
  • Registration of tourist documentation, visa support, etc.
  • Managers of travel agencies
  • Guides
  • Instructors of health and sports tourism (by types of tourism)
  • Travel organizers (excursions)
  • Organizers of tourist and hotel activities
  • Travel service specialists
  • Conference service specialists
  • Leisure Specialists
  • Specialized service specialists
  • Tourist security specialists
  • Tourism Inspectors
  • Sports instructors on tourist support (by types of tourism)
  • Guides (by type of tourism)
  • Knowledge and understanding of the subject area and understanding of the specifics of professional activity
  • Understanding current trends and regional priorities for tourism development in general and its individual forms and types
  • Understanding of processes of the organization of tourist trips and complex tourist service (hotel, restaurant, transport, excursion, recreational)
  • Ability to apply knowledge in practical situations
  • Ability to analyze the recreational and tourist potential of the territories
  • Ability to analyze the activities of the tourism industry at all levels of government
  • Ability to develop, promote, sell and organize the consumption of a tourist product
  • Understanding of principles, processes and technologies of the organization of work of the subject of the tourist industry and its subsystems
  • Ability to ensure the safety of tourists in ordinary and complex force majeure
  • Ability to monitor, interpret, analyze and systematize tourist information, the ability to present tourist information material
  • Ability to use information technologies and office equipment in the work of tourist enterprises
  • Ability to determine individual tourist needs, use modern technologies of tourist service and conduct pretentious work
  • Ability to cooperate with business partners and clients, the ability to provide effective communication with them
  • Ability to act in the legal field, to be guided by the law
  • Ability to work with documentation and perform settlement operations by a tourism business entity
  • Ability to work in an international environment
  • Economic theory
  • Higher mathematics
  • Information Technology
  • Statistics
  • Tourism management and marketing
  • Accounting in tourist activity
  • Economics of recreation and tourism
  • Geography of tourism
  • History of tourism
  • Organization of restaurant business
  • Organization of the hotel industry
  • Organization of tourist trips
  • Organization of transport services
  • Tourism in protected areas
  • Organization of rural green tourism
  • Legal regulation in tourism
  • World economy and international economic relations
  • Information and communication support of tourist activity



Specialty 242 tourism

Educational program "Economics and organization of tourist activity"

Qualification: Bachelor of Tourism

4 years - full-time

4 years - correspondence form

on the basis of complete general secondary education

240 credits

training at the expense of individuals and legal entities (contract)

The educational program is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

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