Music is a kind of art that embodies the ideological and emotional content in artistic images. Along with choreography, theater and cinema, it belongs to the temporary arts. One of the main features of music is that it really exists only in performance, in live sound.

Musical art reflects in the human mind the values of the past and present, has the gift of synthesizing the generalized experience of mankind, which affects the richness of the spiritual world of the individual.

Today singing, in particular pop, is one of the most common arts, and music is one of the most used products of art - we hear it on the radio, television and more

Along with the development of general technical progress, the notion of singing has changed. Contemporary Ukrainian pop singing is a new phenomenon formed in the symbiosis of authentic and world space of musical art. It is based on established standards for the formation of vocal techniques, which have been improved by various techniques and new applications. How many different singing styles can we count on the modern stage today? They all require a new understanding.

Today a number of new techniques are used by singers. Many consider them "non-vocal standards". But the facts show that we cannot ignore their study(the specifics of sound, co-creation, natural application). That is why higher music education is very important for a young talented artist. In order to become a true professional performer, you need not only to master your voice, but also to improve musical knowledge, expand the understanding of modern musical singing space, be able to perfectly apply various vocal techniques that will help to develop professional sounding.

Our main goal is to enhance the best vocal abilities of the student, to show the main features of voice, to teach the specifics of working with the vocal apparatus, to create a comprehensively developed specialist in this field.

Educational program ?



Our main advantages are: the best teachers; logistical support; individual approach; diverse development of the artist in the complex of mastering special disciplines; learning new modern techniques along with established standards of singing; active participation of students in various projects, concerts, etc. We educate professional performers and teachers worthy of the biggest scenes and applause. Your desire to improve your talent is the most important condition for us!


Our graduates will be valued professionals working in the following positions:

  • a vocal teacher,
  • a pop singing teacher at professionally-oriented secondary school,
  • an ensemble artist (song and dance, vocal-instrumental, vocal, pop-instrumental, choral, etc.),
  • a vocalist (soloist of a musical theater, stage, etc.),
  • an artist (choir, ensemble, stage, etc.).


General competencies:

  • Ability to represent their own new ideas.
  • Ability to communicate in a foreign language using professional terminology.
  • Ability to identify and solve the problems.
  • Ability to act in an unexpected situation.
  • Ability to interact personally.
  • Ability to think abstractly, search, process, analyze and synthesize information.

Special (professional, subject competencies):

  • Ability to organize the learning process and creative work in a team.
  • Have musical erudition, master musical terminology.
  • Ability to study the theoretical and practical aspects of vocal performance from the moment of inception.
  • Ability to find scientific explanations for performance problems and continue to study current issues in a future research.
  • Ability to understand one's own instrument (voice) through hygiene conditions prism and singing apparatus protection.
  • Ability to understand the physiological features of the vocal apparatus and master their voice.
  • Ability to trace the evolution of styles on the example of composers and professional vocalists, representatives of different eras.
  • Ability to continuously, systematically improve professional skills, improve vocal technique (breathing, strokes, specific techniques).
  • Ability to recognize pedagogical problems in vocal and pop performance and find ways to solve these problems.
  • Ability to independently process electronic and printed music materials.
  • Ability to work and use sound amplification equipment correctly.
  • Show interest in the latest methods and approaches in today's vocal performance. Have a broad creative imagination and use a variety of techniques of modern pop performance.
  • Develop and improve the acquisition of a professional knowledge set, skills and abilities (student competencies).



  • Solo pop singing
  • Piano classes
  • Choreography and stage movement
  • Acting
  • Music theory:
  • -elementary music theory
  • -solfeggio
  • -harmony
  • -analysis of musical forms
  • History of music:
  • -history of Western European music
  • -history of Eastern European music
  • -history of Ukrainian music
  • -Ukrainian musical folklore
  • History of arts:
  • -history of pop vocal art
  • -history of jazz
  • Basics of arrangement
  • Basics of sound design and studio-stage workshop
  • Information and computer technologies in the field of music
  • Conducting
  • Chorology
  • Pop vocal ensemble
  • Methods of working with a vocal ensemble
  • Methods of teaching pop singing
  • Hygiene and voice protection
  • Jazz solfeggio and jazz improvisation
  • Audio recording and processing programs
  • Basics of show business



Specialty 025 music

Educational program "Pop singing"

Qualification: Bachelor of Music Arts

4 years – full-time

4 years – part-time

King Danylo University provides admission to the Bachelor's degree program on the basis of complete general secondary education.

240 credits

studying is funded by individuals and legal entities (contract).

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