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Bachelor's degree


In Ukraine and the world in general there is an increase in demand for highly qualified in the hotel and restaurant business specialists who are able to provide service level of international standards.

Today's hotel business is one of the fastest growing industries, accounting for 6% of the world's gross domestic product and about 5% of all tax revenues in the world. The hotel industry is one of the most attractive spheres for business. The world hotel industry today has about 400 thousand comfortable hotels with more than 30 million placings. At the same time, the total number of rooms over the past 20 years continues to grow and increases by an average of 4%, which indicates a stable dynamics of increasing the number of accommodation facilities.

Modern hotel and restaurant businesses attract entrepreneurs for many reasons:

  • the ability to work effectively in crisis economic conditions;
  • relatively low initial investments;
  • the ability to maximize profits in times of economic growth;
  • growing demand for services;
  • high level of profitability and flexibility;
  • relatively short payback period.

Our main goal is to teach a good specialist in the sphere of hotel and restaurant business, who will be able to meet the customers needs and expectations in the organization of recreation and leisure, high-quality hotel and restaurant service according to international standards.

Educational program ?



Our main advantage is practice-oriented training in accordance with modern international standards and cooperation with leading companies in order to gain and implement practical experience, the possibility of having practice in the best hotels and restaurants in the region, which best contributes to the professional development of a successful hotel and restaurant manager.

Professional skills of graduates of the specialization "Management of hotel and restaurant business":

  • ability to manage the business activities of hotel and restaurant businesses;
  • ability to make strategic and tactical management decisions in accordance with the requirements of business environment;
  • ability to initiate and implement business ideas for the development of hotel and restaurant businesses;
  • ability to develop and implement innovations in the activities of enterprises, new forms of customer service;
  • ability to develop and implement standards, regulatory and technological documentation governing the activities of hotel and restaurant businesses;
  • ability to form and promote hotel and restaurant product in accordance with consumer requirements;
  • ability to improve business processes of the enterprise;
  • ability to form customer bases and form consumer loyalty programs;
  • readiness to set goals and solve tasks for the development of new projects in the hotel and restaurant business.


  • a head of the hotel room fund (tourist complex, etc.)
  • a hotel manager (boarding house, campsite, etc.)
  • a restaurant manager (cafe, dining room, etc.)
  • a head of the restaurant section (cafe, dining room, etc.)
  • a restaurateur
  • managers in hotels and other accommodation
  • managers in restaurant business establishments
  • managers in restaurants
  • managers in cafes, bars, canteens
  • managers at enterprises that prepare and deliver ready meals
  • an organizer of tourist and hotel activities
  • a specialist in rural tourism development
  • a tourist service specialist
  • a conference service specialist
  • a leisure specialist
  • a specialist in specialized service
  • a tourist security specialist



  • Ability to analyze current trends in the hospitality industry, the activities of hotels and restaurants
  • Ability to organize teamwork in order to provide allocation, accommodation, meals and leisure
  • Ability to organize the service and production process at a modern level and ensure its efficiency
  • Ability to organize the process of providing services at a modern level, taking the requirements and needs of consumers into account
  • ЗAbility to organize the process of providing basic and additional services in accommodation facilities
  • Ability to design the technological process of production and compile the necessary regulatory documentation
  • Ability to calculate, analyze, plan economic performance and capacity development, the level of competitiveness of hotel and restaurant and tourism businesses based on accounting data, statistical and special studies
  • Ability to develop proposals for the introduction of innovative technologies of production and customer service
  • Ability to develop regulatory documentation for semi-finished and finished culinary products
  • Ability to use various automated systems in the work of hotel and restaurant enterprises, sanatoriums
  • Ability to select technological equipment and facilities, determine the area of ​​the accomodations
  • Ability to address the rational use of spatial and material resources
  • Ability to carry out operational quality control of services in the hotel and restaurant business, sanatoriums
  • Ability to perform professional activities in accordance with quality standards
  • Ability to control the quality of raw materials and finished products
  • Ability to justify prices for products and / or services; plan production and sales
  • Ability to analyze the dynamics of demand for products and services of enterprises (institutions) of hotel and restaurant facilities, sanatoriums
  • Ability to work in the international environment
  • Hotel and restaurant management
  • Hotel and restaurant marketing
  • Organization of restaurant business
  • Organization of the hotel industry
  • Features of foreign service
  • Quality management of products and services in the hotel and restaurant industry
  • Equipment of hotel and restaurant establishments
  • Technology of restaurant products
  • Foodstuff commodity science



Specialty 241 Hotel, restaurant and catering

Educational program "Management of hotel and restaurant business"

Qualification: Bachelor of Hotel and Restaurant Business

4 years - full-time

4 years – part-time

on the basis of complete general secondary education

240 credits

training at the expense of individuals and legal entities (contract)

The educational program is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

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