Our Mission

We create a favourable atmosphere for the successful personal and enterprising development.


UKD is the best university of Ukraine. Here a student is an active participant of the educational process and becomes a professional who possesses the relevant competencies and is competitive in the labor market.  

The professors, assistants, tutors and the other staff who have the necessary competencies work in the University.  

The University cooperates with the employers and gives opportunities for improvement of the acquired knowledge in practice.

The University is a platform for networking between employers, students, parents, entrants, graduates and the scientific environment. 

The University is a place for students to meet with the successful people who share their experiences.  

The University has its own business structures that give opportunities for internship and employment to students.


Our Values
Love and mutual respect

At our university, human dignity is the most important factor in any kind of interaction: we are guided by love for our students, and we build relationships that are characterized by mutual respect between students, teachers, managers and owners of the university. 

Freedom of thought

At our university you can freely express your thoughts, views, beliefs and be sure that they will be heard and taken into account in making decisions that affect everyone.

Openness and transparency

The processes that take place at our university and the decisions that are taken at the university - always after a public open discussion - are publicly available.

Responsibility for learning outcome

The University takes social responsibility for the fact that the acquired competencies will be useful for the formation of personal success and professional realization.

Innovation and creativity

We are always looking for and implementing new forms and methods of teaching for continuous improvement.

Active civic position

We take social responsibility for the processes that take place in the city, region, country, and world.

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